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Faire Game (Vogelfrei )- free as a bird 
A free man – a subservient servant


When I talk about freedom, I mean a bound freedom. My interest in the well-being of my environment, people and nature limits it. 

It is essential that I do not experience this limitation as a restriction of my freedom but rather as an enrichment; people, especially the ones I love and the nature that surrounds us, are a prerequisite for my life. 

Martin Luther summarised this „freedom in limitation“ in his writing „On the Freedom of a Christian“ in the following formula, which I find catchy:
 „A Christian man is a free lord over all things and subject to no one.“
 „A Christian is a servant of all things and subject to everyone.“ 

Although I don’t call myself a Christian, I accept these sentences for myself:
 „I am a free lord over all things in my life and responsible only to myself.“
 „I am a servant of all things and responsible for the well-being of my environment.“ 

These thoughts have mainly stayed with me since Bruno Aregger’s interview last week on „Lifelong love in mutual freedom“.

I have once again realised the significance of bound freedom for my life. 

It also determines my dealings with clients, with whom I enter into a contract from a state of mutual freedom. After signing the contract, I see myself as having a self-imposed obligation to do my best for their benefit. 

I experience this limitation not as a loss but as a gain. 

In the training courses to become a systemic coach, which I am responsible for,

I want to pass on this essential attitude, particularly the joy one feels from the service relationship.