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There’s more to it!
You can do better than that!

Coaching or therapy is almost always intended to make something „better“. More performance, more success, more joie de vivre, more self-confidence. A deficiency, whether real or perceived, is to be eliminated. The focus is firmly on what is to be achieved, from the NOT YET to the THEN BUT.
An appropriate way of looking at things!

However, Ralph McTell challenges this view with his song „Streets of London“ (1969). By shifting the yardstick with which I view my own situation, he achieves a shift in my assessment of my own state of mind without changing the external facts. This, too, is an appropriate way of looking at things!

Christmas is traditionally a time of wishing and hoping. I dream and hope for something that I would like to have and, perhaps, will receive. The turn of the year is a time for good resolutions. I think about what I will do differently, better of course.

With Ralph McTell, I would encourage us to do things differently and adjust our standards to enjoy what we have and be proud of what we have achieved. I can see that this is a lot!

In coaching, too, it makes sense to focus on what is good, right and successful, to celebrate and appreciate it. Learning and development always build on what is already there. To be effective, it is necessary always to maintain sight of it.

We should, therefore, practice gratitude.

I wish my friends and everyone reading this text a happy festive season and an excellent start to the new year, full of gratitude and confidence.