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I am not interested in deviations and faults!
I am interested in the underlying norms!

Whether a behaviour or an opinion is conspicuous or „wrong“ is not an objective fact. It depends on the norms or control systems of the observer or the „deviant“. They differ considerably. I find this difference interesting. It is worth discussing and analyzing,

A current global political example is the tragedy of the war between Hamas and Israel. The atrocities committed by Hamas and other terrorist groups make perfect sense when measured against their norms and values. Measured against the values of Western democracies, they are criminal. I don’t have the required knowledge to judge whether the necessary dialogue about such diverse value systems is now possible.

The situation is different when it comes to my speciality of accompanying people.
On the one hand, we encounter incompatible norms and value systems in every conflict, for example, in couples counselling.
On the other hand, it plays an exciting and vital role in diagnosing and classifying behaviour.

In counselling, the logical aim is to establish a dialogue between the conflicting parties about their norm systems to bring them closer together.

The situation is more complex regarding the diagnosis and classification of human behaviour. The aim is to question widely accepted norm systems and find new, more functional orientations. In my opinion, examples of this include dealing with people who are currently diagnosed with ADHD or as autistic.

Dr.Antje Heyer, Diane Wood, and I will initiate a discussion process on this with other interested parties at the annual kick-off event of Coaching Institut in Sinnreich in Lübeln/Wendland.

I am Eberhard Bohrisch, a systemic psychologist and one of the few active coaches with more than 50 years of professional experience.