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Joy and pleasure
with course and educational work 

Instructor, teacher, trainer – these roles I have had to fulfil repeatedly in my 55 years of work. Each time I have come up against these terms, they describe a relationship characterised by the inequality of those involved. 

On the other hand, I always enjoyed interacting with the women and men on the courses I was involved in and learnt a lot from them! 

When I „lead“ a course today, I understand this to mean

  • that I am responsible for the smooth running and organisation,
  • that I am prepared for conceivable topics and lines of enquiry on the course and can also respond to related issues,
  • that I am open to serving as a data source, sparring partner, learning guide and motivator,
            and above all
  • that I am open to supporting the learning wishes and needs of the participants. 

In „coursework I enjoy „

  • meeting people and their diverse life and professional experiences,
  • that I can always learn something new from them,
  • experiencing how people share the values close to my heart and will continue to drive forward the work I find so important.
  • I particularly benefit from the sense of community in these groups and the humour that consistently breaks through. 

I look forward to working with Dr Antje Heyer and Diane Wood at the Coaching Institut im Sinnreich in Lübeln/Wendland. Together with you, I also stand for dealing well with the knowledge of our time, with complexity and diversity. 

I am Eberhard Bohrisch, a systemic psychologist and one of the few active coaches with more than 50 years of professional experience.